Industry is the backbone of an economy. It leads to creation of job opportunities, eliminating poverty and plays crucial role in the development of the country. It rises the standard of living as people buy and sell factory-made products, promoting trade and commerce, and also play key role in promotion of foreign trade. Furthermore, it also adds to utilization of resources that are barren, which can be otherwise wasted, by transforming it to refined and finished products. provides a platform to connect clients with industrial experts for consultancy on establishment of industrial unit and assists in conducting research and development in the required field. Our services include technical know-how and guidance on provisional registration, machinery installation and project report preparation and appraisal.

The strength of Industry Facilitation: Bringing Market-Based–factory-based Solutions to the right medium & Scale.

As any friendly business visionary knows, accomplishing scale is no simple accomplishment. Accomplishing full information about market is not easy. Acquiring the knowledge about machines is not easy. Social business visionaries face an assortment of obstructions that cannot be handled alone.

With the assistance of “industry facilitator,” others can overcome these snags and have significant information regarding machines, tools, ideas and innovation.

  • Complete guidelines, instructions and advising about industries
  • One-to-one meetings, plans, budgeting and guidance
  • Clear objectives, clear thinking and views